Digital Transformation (english track) | Kleine Lounge (EG)

  • 10.45 – 11.20 Uhr |
    Why Membership is a Smart Strategy
    Victoria Mellor, Novatum Group 

    Membership is a smart strategy if you want to set up a people business with a long-term customer loyality. Mellor points out advantages and success of Melcrum’s membership model as a connected-customer strategy.

  • 11.25 – 12.00 Uhr |
    More Leads, Less Churn - Sales and Marketing in the Digital Age
    Dr. André Bergholz, Implisense 

    Today a lot of information about companies and markets is publicly available to everyone on the internet. Modern data science techniques enable us to generate detailed profiles about companies, about their offerings, their values, their strategies, the technologies they use and much more. These techniques have a variety of use cases in sales and marketing. They allow us to automatically generate better leads, detect suitable products for cross-selling, help to prioritize incoming leads, detect signals for the threat of customer churn and to improve customer approach.

  • 12:05 – 12:45 Uhr | 
    Omnichannel and Multimodal: Voice Assistants and Chatbot Strategies
    Sascha Wolter, Cognigy

    What if the user wants to phrase his intentions directly instead of having to take the detour via an app or website? Intelligent multimodal dialog systems seem to further reduce the gulf between human and machine. But when and how do chatbots work, when is voice appropriate and what characterizes multimodal interfaces? This talk explains the capabilities of Alexa and Co., considers their limitations, and also shows the user experience and design challenges.

    – Visualize the future and consider why smart Assistants and Multimodal Conversation are important for your business?
    – Understand the behavior of Chat, Voice, and Multimodal Conversation and how they work?
    – Learn about the main business, design and technical challenges of a Conversational User Experience?